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The City & Guilds College Association (CGCA) extends an invitation to all full-time students, including post graduate students, of the Engineering Faculty of Imperial College to have free membership of the City & Guilds College Association while they are students at Imperial. The free membership then continues until the 31st December the year after your graduation. At that time to remain a member you must become a annual member, paying the annual fee that is currently £15.

​ All graduates from Imperial College benefit from a lifelong connection and a range of events, volunteering opportunities and services and benefits to keep them connected with the College and each other. However, by joining the CGCA whilst you are a student you are forging a special lifelong link with a community of graduates from the College's engineering departments, who are committed to forging strong bonds with the Faculty of Engineering, its staff, and current and past students. The CGCA community has a strong historical continuity and esprit de corps, unites those who value Imperial's reputation for excellence in engineering, and is an invaluable resource that helps your social and business life.

Each year CGCA provides a calendar of events backed by multiple channel communications that enable you to stay in contact with your classmates and friends from College wherever your career takes you. 

The social calendar includes:

  • The Annual Dinner, usually in February / March and held at a Livery Company Hall in the City of London.

  • The President's Evening in May / June timeframe, a supper reception that follows on from CGCA AGM.

  • The Annual Reunion that gives an opportunity for 'old friends' to meet and share a lunch near to college.

  • Bar evenings, games evenings and quiz nights on regular basis.

In addition, we jointly arrange events with CGCU that appeal to students and alumni alike and have included careers guidance and interview techniques. All events enable both social and business networking with people who share an interest in the history, traditions and excellence of studying at College. 

CGCA runs both printed and online communications. There are two issues of our house magazine, 'Imperial Engineer' each year which carries a mix of technology articles and social updates. We have social media presence that gives details of forthcoming events and general news about the Association and Faculty.

Also don't overlook our sister organisation, the Old Centralians' Trust, a registered charity that provides support for students to undertake non academic projects, expeditions as well as providing financial support for those that encounter real hardship while at College.


Hayley Wong

CGCU President


Leah Redmond

CGCU Alumni Officer

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