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Principal Student Awards

Students may apply for these awards at any time. Please click here for instructions on how to apply for these awards.

Students are unable to apply directly for these awards. The nomination process varies and is summarised below.

Other Student Awards

The Old Centralians' Trust is a sister organisation to CGCA. It is a registered charity and is dedicated to providing help to students for:

• Hardship awards, to enable those with genuine financial issues to complete their studies
• Academic related grants, for example travel costs to present at conferences
• Non Academic awards for expeditions and projects to help the community

In recent years awards have been made to support students presenting at conferences in the USA, to build rainwater harvesting systems in Africa, an expedition to Svalbard, and to several students who found themselves in financial hardship through no fault of their own. Reports from many expeditions and projects are published in Imperial Engineer.

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