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Event terms and Conditions

CGCA Limited. Event Attendees’ Privacy Statement v3.2 Dated 24 October 2023 

CGCA Limited is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee. Registration number 11735499

CGCA Limited Event Attendees’ Privacy Statement 

Version 3.2, dated 24th October 2023 


The following applies to all attendees: members, member’s guests, CGCA Limited guests, organisers and subcontractors, at events organised by CGCA Limited or organised by CGCA Limited and others. 


Your Attendance at the event 

Your attendance at the event includes:

  • Undertaking by CGCA Limited to organise and operate the event as detailed in the relevant event description

  • Undertaking by CGCA Limited to manage the event finances

  • Issuing by CGCA Limited of any relevant tickets or other passes needed to gain access at the venue

  • Provision by CGCA Limited of any relevant catering

  • Provision by CGCA Limited of any relevant entertainment, presentations, speakers as in the event description 

  • Provision by CGCA Limited of any other service or product necessary for the event 

  • Undertaking by CGCA Limited to communicate with you as necessary with details about the event and your attendance 


Terms and Conditions 

By applying to attend an event and attending the event, all attendees consent to the following terms and conditions. If you are inviting guests to an event, it is your responsibility to inform them of and gain their consent to these terms and conditions. 


CGCA Limited’s Legitimate Interest in You 

To support your attendance at an event CGCA Limited will need to collect and process personal data of attendees. This data may be handled in a computer system and therefore CGCA Limited must have a legitimate interest you. CGCA Limited declare that the legitimate interest is you have requested to attend the event. 


Personal Data 

CGCA Limited may require the following personal data about attendees: 

  • Your name 

  • Your contact details, including address, email address, telephone number 

  • Details of qualifications, honours, titles, public posts held 

  • Your years and departments at Imperial College 

  • Your CGCA Limited membership status 

  • Dietary requirements you have 

  • Any seating preferences you have 

  • Electronic images recorded at the event 


This data will be stored and processed in accordance with the then current data protection regulations in the UK. If you are a CGCA Limited member, the data you provide for an event will be used in relation to that event and will not change any membership data unless you specifically request this to happen. 

Use of your data 

CGCA Limited will use the data to organise and operate the event. It may use your data, including images recorded at the event, in reports about the event in publications, including Imperial ENGINEER, websites and social media. 


Who your data may be shared with 

In organising and operating the event, CGCA Limited may share your data with: 

  • Co-organisers of the event, including Imperial College, London. 

  • Others involved in the organisation and operation including, but not limited to, caterers, venue operators, speakers, and entertainers. Only data relevant to the other party will be shared. 

  • Other attendees, in the form a list of attendees. 


When data is shared with others, it is on the terms that it can only be used in relation to the event. Other parties may store and process your data in computer systems they use to provide their services and products for the event. 


Your right of access 

As an Event Attendee, you may, at any time, make a request to CGCA Limited to see a copy of all your personal data held by CGCA Limited. Under this Statement, this will be limited to data collected for event purposes. If you are a CGCA Limited member, you may also request us to include your membership data. Further, if any of the data is incorrect or out of data, you may request that CGCA Limited changes the data on record. Note that your request to CGCA Limited will only let you see the data that CGCA Limited controls, uniquely or in common with Imperial College, and that Imperial may have other data of yours that will not be included in CGCA Limited’s response. 


Access requests should be sent by email to or by post to 

CGCA, c/o 4 Claridge Court, Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, HP4 2AF 



The following applies to your personal data related to events held by CGCA.Limited 

  • Your data may be retained by CGCA Limited for up to 18 months of the date of the last operational activity related to the event. 

  • Your data will be backed up and restored if necessary while it is stored and processed by Limited CGCA. 

  • Access to your data by CGCA Limited will always require a password to be issued by an authorised user. Devices used by CGCA Limited to access your data will have a nonactivity time out of no more than 10 minutes and require a password to be entered to restore access. 

  • Whenever your data is transmitted across a publicly accessible network it will be encrypted. 

  • If your data is stored on a portable device, it will be encrypted. 


Electronic Communications 

CGCA Limited may, from time to time, contact you electronically about the event. By applying to attend an event you consent to this. 


If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions please contact CGCA Limited’s Data Controller by email at or by normal post at 

CGCA, c/o 4 Claridge Court, Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, HP4 2AF

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