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Networks to connect

The CGCA Members' Forum is all about letting members form specific networks to connect with other members.

It may be a geographically based network (eg Members in Sydney), a Departmental based network (eg Civils students, alumni and staff) or a network around an interest like photography.

Any Forum member can start any type of group.

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How do I start a Network?

When you are registered you will see the Forum is already structured in Categories like Departments, Local Groups, and Special interest groups.

Within a category there are one or more Boards, such as Civils in the Departmental Category.  To create a network for Civils just open the Civil Engineering Board and create a Thread, stating clearly what it's about, eg Careers advice for students.  Other members can then post replies to create the discussion.

The Thread may be about an event like 'Mock Interviews' and you can use posts to attract other members and organise the details of the event.

Help to Register in the CGCA Members' Forum

We ask people to register so we can control who has access to the

 Forum and restrict it to CGCA members

2. Enter your email address

All communications from the Forum, like alerts, will be sent to this email address.

3. Enter your details

Note that you may need to scroll down to see 'Continue'

4. Enter the Username you want to use

Please use your forename (firstname) and surname in the username so we can check you are a member.

5. Do the 'prove you are human' check

This stops automated devices setting up users in the Forum  

6. Solve the puzzle!

When you solve it the pop up automatically refreshes  

7. Find and select the submit button

The upper box is an advert. IGNORE IT!   Select the 'Submit' button  

8. You're all done!

You're registration request is submitted. When complete you will receive an email.  Just select 'Continue' to carry on.  

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