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The City & Guilds College Association was established as long ago as 1897, pre-dating the foundation of Imperial College, London by 10 years. The Association, however, only adopted this name in 1992, having been called Old Centralians for most of its earlier history. In 2018, following a vote by members at a Special General Meeting, CGCA Limited, a Company Limited by Guarantee, was registered at Companies House, London. At the first second of 2019, CGCA Ltd assumed all rights, responsibilities and assets of the unincorporated company.

Ever since the founding professors of the Central Institution became the ‘founding fathers’ of the Association, we have maintained a service to our membership and fostered links with the City & Guilds College Union, the City & Guilds of London Institute and Imperial College.

Still the largest of the constituent college associations, with a membership of over 3,000, the Association continues to flourish within Imperial’s new faculty-based framework.

Members of the Association may be found in all parts of the world, engaged in all aspects of engineering, design, consultancy, manufacturing and education, also in government, finance, commerce, and related professional activities.

We welcome members from all the departments that form the Faculty of Engineering. The Association acknowledges, however, the long-standing relationship between the Royal School of Mines Association and the Departments of Materials and Earth Science and Engineering. CGCA and RSMA continue to explore ways of working more closely together in support of the Faculty of Engineering, but with both associations retaining their independence.

Information on Imperial’s alumni relations, departments, courses, research, etc, can be found on the Imperial College website.

Download CGCA Ltd’s Articles of Association (PDF Format)

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