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Our Overseas Branches

Over 20% of CGCA members are located outside the United Kingdom, and there are active groups of Association members in Hong Kong, India, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and the United States. These often operate in association with other Imperial College member groups. Members travelling abroad who will be spending time near any of the Overseas Branches are strongly encouraged to make contact in advance (this can be done through the CGCA Office), with a view to being able to meet Branch members. Where schedules permit, the Branch may be able to organise an informal gathering for exchange of news and information in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

There are also many other Imperial College alumni associations (not specifically affiliated to CGCA) in various countries. For details of these, please contact Zeba Salman by telephone on +44 (0) 20 7594 6131 or by email.


This page presents CGCA Branches around the world. 

Branches and their contact details are...

Austalia (Sydney)



Australia (Melbourne)

Mr David G Bishop

20 Stone Street East Brighton Victoria 3187 AUSTRALIA


Australia (Western)

Mr Nick A Butler

29 Thornbill Way Churchlands WA 6018 AUSTRALIA


Hong Kong

Mr David Sorton

Flat 5A Silver Star Court 22 Village Road Happy Valley HONG KONG


South Africa

Mr Richard E Gundersen

P O Box 369 11 President Way Kelvin 2054 SOUTH AFRICA


Mr Cheah It-Tee

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